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Who We're Looking For

DC Bilingual is seeking experienced PreK-5th grade teachers to join its team.  These teachers should excel as the following:

Critical-Thinking, Hard-Working, Data-Driven Planners

  • Applicants should:
    • have a a strong track record of academic and professional achievement
    • demonstrate the capacity to plan logical, data-driven, highly-rigorous long-term, unit, and daily lessons.
    • be willing to invest the time needed to prepare highly-effective lessons

Confident, Emotionally-Intelligent Classroom Leaders

  • Applicants should:
    • demonstrate the emotional-intelligence to cultivate a safe, welcoming, positive classroom culture  
    • be prepared to establish high expectations for student behavior and procedural efficiency
    • be proactive in identifying a wide-range of strategies for investing students in their individual goals and those of the larger classroom and school communities
    • show confidence in their ability to deliver instruction with poise, positivity, enthusiasm, and emotional constancy

Collaborative, Culturally-Competent Colleagues

  • Applicants should:
    • show strong communication skills and the capacity to both deliver and receive critical feedback
    • be prepared to collaborate 1) across a diverse community of professionals and 2) around a shared vision


Requests for Proposals:

Building Renovations | RFP