Christian Yarberry, Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for all operational practices and non-academic functions of DC Bilingual. In addition, Christian oversees and collaborates with many aspects of school operations, including Team Management, Facilities, Finance, Front Office, Human Resources, Food & Wellness, After School Program, Data & Compliance, Technology, and Recruitment/Enrollment functions. With more than ten years of education and operations experience, Christian’s extensive knowledge in financial, operational, and programmatic activities contribute to the overall success of DCB. Before DC Bilingual, Christian served as the Administrator, Baylor College of Medicine’s Institute for Clinical & Translational Research; Executive Director & Director of Performance Evaluation, Exalt Education, Inc.    

Christian is completing his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Educational Leadership and Management, with a concentration in Human Resources Development. His dissertation title is “A Multisite Case Study: Exploring African American Perceptions of Charter School Education.” Christian holds a Master of Science (M.S.), Health Sciences; Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Management and Business Ethics; and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Health Education. 

As a servant leader, Christian passionately leads DCB operations by ensuring that DCB students are at the center of every decision.  The operation team’s vision is to create and sustain systems that allow the academic leaders to focus on teaching and learning while providing facilities and programs where students can thrive academically, demonstrate the core values, and develop the skills needed to serve as Global LEADers.  Christian’s sharp focus on people development and operations aligns with DCB’s innovative approach to making effective use of resources while combining rigorous academics with rich school culture as DCB prepares the next generation for success on a global scale. 

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