Mission & Vision

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Mission: DC Bilingual Public Charter School is a learning community that ensures high academic achievement for all students in both Spanish and English, develops leadership, and values all cultures.

Vision: To expertly combine rigorous academics with rich school culture as we prepare the next generation for success on a global scale.

Awards and Accomplishments

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An Award in Architecture was awarded to Hord Coplan Macht by the District Architecture Center for their work designing the newly constructed 27,000 sq. ft. addition to the historic Keene building. Of the hundreds of applicants, only 10 received this recognition!

DC Bilingual students in grades 3rd-5th outscored students from the same age group on standardized tests for math & literacy. Also, Pre-K classrooms received their highest CLASS scores ever—an assessment tool used to measure quality in early childhood classrooms. (2022-2023)

Completed the expansion of our historic school building by 27,000 square feet and welcomed nearly 100 additional students into our classrooms for high-quality bilingual education. (2022)

DC Bilingual students in grades 3rd-5th outscored students from the same age group on standardized tests for math & literacy. For those classified as special education or English-language learners, DC Bilingual students ranked among the top performing public charter schools in DC. (2021-2022)

DC Bilingual adopted the equitable access preference to ensure students who will benefit most from our programming have a fair chance to enroll. This year, more than 40% of newly enrolled students qualified for this preference. (2022)

The Colorado League of Charter Schools performed a Case-Study analysis of DC Bilingual’s nearly 100% teacher retention rate during the “Great Recession”, concluding that DC Bilingual’s inclusive work environment and powerful sense of community have led us to become a model teacher-supportive environment. 

DC Bilingual was named a U.S. Department of Education National Green Ribbon School (2021).

DC Bilingual was named as a “Leveler” school for our exceptional work improving academic outcomes for at-risk students (DC Policy Center, 2019).

DC Bilingual was named an All-STAR school (one of ten DC public schools city wide) for our students’ strong academic growth on the city-wide PARCC assessment (Office of the State Superintendent of Education, 2019). 

DC Bilingual was recognized as a “Bold Improvement School,” for our commitment and success in helping DC’s most at-risk students achieve outstanding academic growth, (Empower K12 and Education Reform Now, 2018).

DC Bilingual was ranked as one of the strongest instructional cultures among DC charter schools by our staff (top 25% of all DC charter schools), (The New Teacher Project, 2018).

DC Bilingual awarded the Gilda Allen Best School Garden Award, (Office of the State Superintendent of Education, 2017).


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